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Exeter Driver Training has been offering driving lessons in Exeter, East Devon and surrounding areas since 2007. We have built up an excellent reputation for customer service and success. 

Our driving instructors have all been CRB checked for your safety. We offer 'client-centred' tuition. This means we involve you in the decisions to be made regarding what topics to cover next so that we agree a plan of action that you are comfortable with. For example our instructor might suggest we try tackling roundabouts next but, if you are not comfortable with this, we would then agree on a different topic.

Driving instructors are not all the same and this is a challenge we need to overcome. Lessons vary greatly in price - you can get seemingly 'great' deals for less than £10 an hour right up to £30 - why is there such a difference? 
You may not be aware that there are different grades of driving instructors and that some instructors take absolutely no further training from the day they qualify. Others, such as our instructors, are continually taking courses and training to keep themselves at the forefront of current initiatives. 
Is this of a concern to you? YES most definitely as it will have a bearing on the value you get from your lessons. If a deal looks too good to be true then it almost certainly is! Beware the hidden cost of cheap lessons! A properly trained instructor offering driving lessons in your area will enable you to learn much quicker, get you to your practical driving test sooner and save you a lot of money!
A driving school that charges a premium rate for driving lessons will be confident about its level of customer service and satisfaction and the quality of tuition provided. An instructor working on his or her own may charge a lower rate as they may lack any recent training and not be so confident about the level of service on offer. 

I have mentioned earlier that Exeter Driver Training has built up a great reputation for quality driving lessons by providing customer orientated lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. Indeed, on the side of our cars you will find the statement "committed to your success". We rely greatly on recommendations to keep us busy and we are very grateful to all our customers for the reviews they give us. It is easy these days to gain an independent review (like Amazon and Trip Advisor) so you can make a decision on who to trust with your driving tuition.

Should you wish to check out our reviews then please go to our customer review page.

We would like to wish you every success as you strive to gain your full driving licence and hope you will choose Exeter Driver Training as your training provider.